iTraining merges with Influential Training

    We’re happy to announce that iTraining Courses has officially merged with Influential Training. For the first time, we’re now able to offer trainees the chance to purchase courses for SAP, Microsoft, Mulesoft, IBM, Adobe, Apple, and more…all on one site!

    The Influential History

    iTraining courses is now Influential Training. Over 2 years since Amsys training was acquired, our training courses can now be found in one site, complete with new ecommerce options.

    Founded in 1986, the Amsys Apple Training business became iTraining, formerly known as Amsys Training, upon its acquisition by Influential Software.
    Whilst the name helped our loyal and long-term clients still find their trusted training provider, we felt it didn’t quite cover our range of training courses.
    So we started building Influential Training, an all encompassing site which would allow users to view and book our courses in one central space.
    a classroom of students taking it training in london

    Same great training, in one central space

    You can now find up-to-date, tailored Apple Training courses alongside;

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