macOS Support Essentials 12 eBook


macOS Support Essentials 12 eBook

macOS Support Essentials 12, the official book for macOS support, is a top-notch primer for anyone who needs to support, troubleshoot, or optimize macOS Monterey, such as IT professionals, technicians, help desk specialists, and ardent Mac users. This is the only Apple Pro Training Series book that covers Monterey. You’ll find in-depth, step-by-step instructions on everything from upgrading, updating, reinstalling and configuring macOS Monterey to setting-up network services.

This book covers updated system utilities and new features in macOS Monterey:

  • Passwords System Preference
  • Live Text
  • Voice Control
  • User privacy settings
  • Notarized apps
  • Startup Security Utility
  • And more!

This book includes the following content:

  • Authoritative explanations of underlying technologies, troubleshooting, system administration, and much more
  • Focused lessons that take you step by step through practical, real-world tasks
  • A Web Edition that provides the full text of the book online

The Apple Pro Training Series is Apple’s official self-paced learning resource. Books in this series offer downloadable lesson files and an online version of the book. Additional information on this and other books in this series can be found at For more on certification, visit


Table of contents

Installation and Configuration

Lesson 1: Introduction to macOS
Lesson 2: Update, Upgrade, or Reinstall macOS
Lesson 3: Set Up and Configure macOS
Lesson 4: Use the Command-Line Interface
Lesson 5: Use macOS Recovery
Lesson 6: Update macOS

User Accounts

Lesson 7: Manage User Accounts
Lesson 8: Manage User Home Folders
Lesson 9: Manage Security and Privacy
Lesson 10: Manage Password Changes

File Systems

Lesson 11: Manage File Systems and Storage
Lesson 12: Manage FileVault
Lesson 13: Manage Permissions and Sharing
Lesson 14: Use Hidden Items, Shortcuts, and File Archives

Data Management

Lesson 15: Manage System Resources
Lesson 16: Use Metadata, Siri, and Spotlight
Lesson 17: Manage Time Machine

Apps and Processes

Lesson 18: Install Apps
Lesson 19: Manage Files
Lesson 20: Manage and Troubleshoot Apps

Network Configuration

Lesson 21: Manage Basic Network Settings
Lesson 22: Manage Advanced Network Settings
Lesson 23: Troubleshoot Network Issues

Network Services

Lesson 24: Manage Network Services
Lesson 25: Manage Host Sharing and Personal Firewall

System Management

Lesson 26: Troubleshoot Peripherals
Lesson 27: Manage Printers and Scanners
Lesson 28: Troubleshoot Startup and System Issues

Book information

ISBN13: 9780137696444
Publisher: Pearson Education
Imprint: Peachpit Press
Pub date: 23 Mar 2022
Number of pages: 976
Language: English