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    Mac management for beginners – Jamf

    With the continuing trend of Bring Your Own Device policies in organisations, IT teams are fighting to keep up with different devices and operating systems. This will involve ensuring that user devices are secure, work with the company network, and can be managed...

    Students pointing to a Macbook device screen to represent mac management for beginners
    Addigy, Apple

    macOS Ventura Upgrade Checklist

    Are your Apple devices in your workplace still running on macOS 12 Monterey? We would recommend upgrading to macOS 13 Ventura as it provides the latest updates to features, core functionalities, and security. It's important to note that your IT teams will have to...


    Why choose in-person training?

    Our training courses are delivered in three different ways to ensure flexibility for our training delegates. We understand each delegate has unique ways of learning so we offer in-person training alongside on-site and remote classes. There are key differences to...

    Three adult delegates working together in a classroom representing in-person training.

    Essential IT skills in 2023

    With the move to hybrid workplaces, flexible working and an evolving tech landscape, IT professionals are more focused on building upon and learning new tech skills. Increasingly, the talent market is saturated with those that are competent across a multitude of...

    Technology icons between two hands to illustrate essential it skills