Our training courses are delivered in three different ways to ensure flexibility for our training delegates. We understand each delegate has unique ways of learning so we offer in-person training alongside on-site and remote classes. There are key differences to each delivery and delegates are free to choose their preference as they wish.

    We look at reasons for choosing in-person training that may be beneficial for certain people.

    Hands-on Experience

    Being in a classroom, speaking with the trainer or other delegates allows for more interpersonal interaction. It potentially allows for better clarity and understanding, that online chat and video call may suffer slightly.

    In a classroom setting, the instructor is able to be physically present and be together in the room with trainees to answer questions quickly or look over the learning.

    Dedicated learning

    By attending courses in person, the training will have a dedicated time and space for trainees to learn in. Some delegates prefer in-person training as it allows them to leave potential distractions at home and have a traditional learning space.

    Trainees may prefer to learn by speaking with peers and the instructor in the same physical space. It may also be more comfortable and natural for them to do so.

    A prepared environment

    Working remotely may also present challenges for some users. Stable and fast internet connectivity, adequate desk space, and the right equipment are all factors to consider when learning remotely. However, choosing to learn in-person means not having to worry about these variables as they are prepared for you in advance.

    Everyone has experienced issues with internet dropouts, slow loading, disruptive family, and the urge to play on phones. A classroom removes those blockers to get you learning quickly and efficiently.

    Flexible learning options

    If you’re interested in training but would prefer to learn in a classroom setting with our trainers, we can arrange a setting to suit you. Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more.