Tradeweb Europe

Stanley was very knowledgeable about Mac and Windows environments, so made my understanding of Mac features/apps easier with comparisons to Windows. I found the course engaging and interesting, and have a much better understanding of MacOS than I did before.

Banijay UK

The course was great and it really helped my development on Mac devices. Stanley was a great tutor and helped with every question we had.

University of Plymouth

Stanley was great and presented the course very well – having Macs that we could use to demo processes, etc. ourselves was also very helpful for practical learning. Stanley took the time to answer questions and didn’t rush through sections – overall...


The course provided was detailed and covered all fundamentals of MacOS and gave some good troubleshooting methodology. Especially coming from a Windows background and found it was easy to understand without needing too much prerequisite knowledge.

McCann Health

I found the course helpful and it has given me more confidence when working with Macs in my role. Stanley and Chris were very helpful in answering any questions I had and provided good demos.