With the move to hybrid workplaces, flexible working and an evolving tech landscape, IT professionals are more focused on building upon and learning new tech skills. Increasingly, the talent market is saturated with those that are competent across a multitude of tech languages. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stay competitive by building your IT skills and having different skillsets under your belt.

    We take a look at the most essential IT skills that employers are looking for in prospects.


    Basic programming skills are essential for those looking for roles in the IT tech industry. Some of the most popular ones that you have most likely heard of are:

    1. C
    2. Python
    3. Java
    4. C++
    5. C#

    Unsurprisingly, it’s common for individuals to be proficient in several programming languages to be versatile depending on the project. By being ‘programming multilingual’, it allows individuals to read other people’s code, to understand the work or improve upon it.

    Importantly, knowing several programming languages shows abstract and pragmatic thought, a desirable trait among potential talent.

    Data engineering

    Data engineering encompasses the roles of data analysts, big data developers, software engineers and cloud computing engineers. For companies that need to compile and analyse vast amounts of data from various sources, data engineering professionals are in high demand. Basic operations involve collecting and organising data, optimising data storage, and reducing data storage costs for the company.

    Essential skills include Python and SQL, Java or Scala, proficiency in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Big Data processing technologies. Individuals that understand algorithms and data structures are also well sought after.

    Device management platforms

    For IT support professionals, you’ll need to be familiar with a range of operating systems, devices, and security protocols. As flexible working and BYOD policies become ever prevalent, companies are making sure their support teams can deal with the security of their files and information.

    With device management platforms, such as Addigy and Jamf, IT support technicians are able to easily manage, support, update, and monitor work devices across the company network. For those that have experience in these device management platforms, you’ll be seen as an invaluable asset.


    UX/UI design is an increasingly desirable skill especially for professionals dealing with frontend development. It involves understanding audience journeys and research on accessibility and usability of digital products. Knowing even basic UX/UI concepts and design is beneficial.

    As most marketing strategies hinge on design of digital products, such as websites (CMS), mobile apps, social media and email campaigns, UX/UI skills indeed make a candidate more attractive to companies that have front-facing operations, B2C in particular.

    Level up your IT skills

    We understand how important it is for developers to have a wide set of technical skills and our training division can help guide your learning journey. Explore our training options and build upon those essential IT skills.