It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way many of us work for the foreseeable future. As the new way of working takes a strong grip on most businesses and offices, business owners are looking at improving worklife and workplace management through learning and development.

    Crucially, learning and development has become a key tool in recruitment and employee retention. With recent research showing that opportunities to learn and grow have become the top driver of workplace culture, rising up eight spots since the pandemic.

    The rise of virtual learning and development

    Pre-COVID training was traditionally face-to-face, with businesses opting to bring an instructor into the office or organise a group trip to a training centre. Fast forward a few years, when most employees are working in a hybrid state, the challenges of COVID have begun to feel like home comforts.
    Businesses need to start to explore learning and development via remote and virtual settings.

    Business benefits of virtual learning and development

    As the importance of virtual learning and development continues to surge across the business landscape, business leaders are looking at new ways to leverage it as a strategic tool for wider success across their organisation.

    Businesses need to progress and give employees the freedom to choose when and where they take their training – at home or at the office, and if its at their own pace. It falls under the new concept that employees need control over their own professional development. Employers should be there as a guiding force of learning and development, not as a dictator.

    By giving your employees access to virtual learning courses and programmes allows them to progress at their own pace and in an environment that’s comfortable for them. It also encourages interaction and connection with other colleagues and peers from around the globe.

    Striking a balance

    The approach to new training needs is just as important as the training needs themselves. The rise of hybrid L&D is still in its infancy, so there’s ample opportunity for companies to experiment and trial different strategies that work for them.

    Whether you decide to focus on virtual or hybrid training, one thing is clear. If you fail to nurture a culture of learning and development then you’ll inevitably struggle with employee retainment in a post-COVID world.

    Flexible learning options

    If you’re interested in training but would prefer to learn in a classroom setting with our trainers, we can arrange a setting to suit you. Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more.