macOS Support Essentials Upgrade to 14


    Get Up to Date with macOS Support Essentials Upgrade to 14

    This macOS 14 upgrade course is an intensive, one-day, face-to-face course that focuses on the new features found in macOS 14. The course’s aim is to bring you up to speed with the latest macOS version if you’re already familiar with the previous macOS releases.

    How Do You Want to Take the macOS 14 Upgrade Course?

    Online Training

    Take this course in a trainer-led online format at 9am-5pm in six time zones: UTC, UTC +1, UTC +3, UTC +4, UTC +12, and UTC -4.

    macOS Ventura Support Course Summary

    The macOS 13 Support Essentials Upgrade covers only the new features that are unique to macOS Ventura. Trainees will gain insights into what’s changed in the following topics:


    • installation and configuration
    • users accounts
    • file systems and storage
    • data management
    • applications and processes
    • network configuration
    • network services
    • system management

    Who Should Take macOS Support Essentials Upgrade to macOS 14?

    The macOS Support Essentials Upgrade course is a condensed program consisting mainly of theoretical training and instructor demos. This does not include hands-on student exercises.

    If you’re in any doubt about your suitability for this course, please call our training pros on (+44) 0203 507 1728. We’ll be pleased to discuss your training needs in more detail.

    How is it delivered?

    We offer instructor-led virtual training as well as on-site training. If you’ve got several team members to train, it might be more cost-effective for us to come to you.