Modern BYOD policies have allowed staff to use their own devices at work, both in the office and remotely. This presents additional challenges for IT teams to manage these devices securely and ensuring they work seamlessly in the workplace. 

    Addigy offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant Apple MDM platform which has been designed with scalability in mind. It provides an easy-to-use interface to secure and update devices, and the ability to resolve issues automatically.

    Why use Addigy?

    Zero-touch deployment – Addigy lets IT teams onboard new staff in under five minutes with out-of-the-box configurations.

    Secure authentication with trusted providers – Allows users to log into their macOS devices with existing secure identity provider credentials such as Google, O365, AzureAD or Okta.

    Real-time device monitoring – Gain the ability to remotely manage devices and resolve issues automatically.

    Custom compliance features – Enforce policies for an individual or group of devices as required.

    Self-service capabilities – Users will have 24/7 access to resources to solve issues, freeing valuable time for IT teams.

    Patch management – Roll out the latest updates and patches quickly to prevent issues and squash bugs.

    Train your teams with Addigy MDM

    As a key Addigy partner, we deliver their training to help delegates get started with the platform. Addigy has two courses aimed at beginners and experienced users.

    The Addigy Certified Associate (ACA) course gives an introduction to the platform. If your teams are looking to get started with Addigy for your Apple MDM, start here.

    In this course, delegates will learn:

    • Basics of Addigy and MDM
    • Management best practices
    • Policies and device control
    • Deployments and patching

    The Addigy Certified Expert (ACE) course dives deeper into security and device management. As it provides in-depth knowledge of the platform, ecosystem tools and advanced terminology, the ACE course is perfect for building on the ACA course material.

    This course consists of:

    • Advanced scripting
    • Security and monitoring
    • Managing OS releases
    • Apple Business Manager
    • Addigy identity

    Support Apple devices in your network with Addigy MDM

    Addigy provides a reliable, user-friendly and powerful platform to manage and secure all Apple devices on a network, not just iPhones. For optimal Apple management, consider Addigy as your choice for an enterprise Apple MDM software.