We’ve provided top-quality training both remotely and at our London IT training centre to several clients in a range of sectors, all of which had different requirements and goals to hit. As a trusted training provider, we are able to help companies and individuals to build upon their professional skill set to bring value to their teams and partners. 

    Our new training clients in Q3 2021:

    • GB3
    • KIM Software Solutions
    • Macnify
    • Royal Opera House
    • The Delta Group
    • The One Point
    • XMA Ltd
    • Ziptech Services
    Logo for Triumph Technologies one of our new training clients q1 2021


    GB3 is a technology solutions business that builds unique IT solutions for small to medium businesses and large enterprises. We provided Microsoft Power Platform training for their IT team.

    Pentland brands logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    KIM Software Solutions

    KIM Software Solutions are leaders in person centred software for use in asset & record management, service management and personal development. We helped them with essential Microsoft training.

    Trams logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021


    Macnify provides hardware and software, desktop support, telephony, cloud services, backups and network management in the Netherlands. They contacted us with their training requirements which we were happy to help with.

    MNIT's logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    Royal Opera House

    The Royal Opera is one of the world’s leading opera companies which is based in the iconic Covent Garden theatre in London. They came to us to level up their expertise with Addigy training.


    MNIT's logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    The Delta Group

    The Delta Group is Europe’s leading visual communications specialist, delivering dynamic multi-channel international marketing services to clients around the globe. We provided macOS training courses for their teams to manage their company devices efficiently.

    FX PLUS logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    The One Point

    The One Point specialises in managed technologies, offering IT support, Business Mobiles, VoIP, Connectivity, Print and Digital Services. Their goals were centered around the cloud so we provided Azure training for them to reach their targets.

    FX PLUS logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    XMA Ltd

    XMA is one of the top ten largest value added resellers in the UK and serves a customer base across the public and private sector. Their staff came across our services while looking for training in Microsoft 365.

    NBIs logo, one of our new training clients q1 2021

    Ziptech Services

    Ziptech Services is an IT services specialist that provides management advice, project services, proactive network management and helpdesk support. We were able to upskill their teams’ with Azure training.

    Quality training for every requirement

    We’re pleased to have been the trusted training providers for these great clients during Q3 2021. We continue to provide essential and advanced training to teams and individuals with different requirements in highly desirable courses at a time that suits them.

    We’ve also worked with many companies to deliver various services and solutions to empower their business. Here are the Influential New Clients in Q3 2021.

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