As businesses try to work around the widening skills gap, learning and training methods have had to evolve. Every industry needs skilled technician staff – but not all of them can facilitate classroom learning. Which is why we’ve seen a growth in virtual instructor-led training, where professionals can get the latest skills and certifications from their home or meeting room.

    What’s the difference between online learning and virtual learning?

    So, what exactly is a virtual classroom? If you’re thinking of self-paced online courses, think again. Virtual instructor-led training is the closest thing to a physical classroom – but remote. You’ll be taught by a live trainer, who will use interactive video conferencing software to make the class as engaging as possible. You can ask questions and get help just like in a regular classroom.

    How can trainees get the most out of virtual training?

    Many people are now taking virtual training for the first time. This is a new experience and a novel way of learning. And with that in mind, what can you do to make sure you get the most out of your online instructor-led training course? How can you make sure that you get the same positive experience that you have in the classroom? See the six things you should look out for below.

      1. Commit to virtual learning

      Committing seems like an obvious tip. But if you log in to your online training session adamant that it’s not going to be effective, then you’re lowering your chance of success. If you work hard, then (just like in the classroom) you’ll receive better results.

      Of course, it’s also important to choose the right course for your goals and experience. We recommend looking at our Azure learning paths to make sure you’re signing up to the right course for your skillset.

      2. Create a tidy environment

      Clear your desk of all distractions. Create a tidy, quiet place to learn and you’ll see the difference it makes. Nobody can learn effectively if the dog is barking at their feet or countless people are walking in and out of the room. You need a space to focus purely on the subject at hand.

      3. Switch off distractions

      Shut down anything that might interfere with your connection or distract you from learning. Before your online learning begins, double-check to ensure you can access the training platform and that your mic and camera are working.

      4. Prep beforehand

      Once you have your quiet space, it’s helpful to open the tabs you’ll need shortly before the class. You might also want to run over the course outline, so you know what is coming up. Getting yourself prepared before your class starts will help you get “into the zone” for learning.

      5. Engage during instructor-led training

      If you engage by asking questions and taking notes, you’re more likely to get the full benefit of the class. One advantage of virtual learning is greater confidence about asking questions than you might feel in a physical classroom. You came to the course for answers, so don’t leave without them.

      6. Make the most of it

      Make the most of your time with an instructor they’re there to help you get the most out of your training course. Over our 20 years of IT training, we’ve discovered that learning is more than a simple transfer of information. If that’s all you’re looking for, we recommend buying a book instead. 

      Virtual instructor-led training is an immersive experience that provides extra support and networking opportunities. That’s why we always make sure our trainers are the last to leave if anyone wants to stay behind and ask questions.          

      Trust the virtual IT training experts

      Your learning shouldn’t be limited just because you can’t make it to the classroom. With the right virtual IT training provider, you’ll be prepared to progress in your career.

      At Influential we’ve been training delegates both online and in the classroom for over 20 years. Our trainers teach job-ready skills in Microsoft, Apple, SAP, IBM, Boomi, Addigy, Jamf, and MuleSoft. With over 20,000 delegates to date and an overall satisfaction rate of 96 percent, we’re a leading force in IT education.

      Seize the day

      The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. And investing in digital learning may be the single most valuable decision you can make right now. 

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