In our decades of training across many business technologies, we’ve seen that Microsoft training is often the most valuable.

    That’s because Microsoft staff training equips everyone with the skills that drive digital transformation, from non-technical users to IT professionals.

    To understand more, see the three factors below.

    1. Your staff uses a lot of Microsoft software

    Microsoft isn’t the only technology provider on the planet. But Microsoft software is the most-used in businesses worldwide. In fact, the average company uses over twice as many Microsoft technologies than from the nearest competitor. So in terms of helping staff perform better at everyday tasks, Microsoft staff training makes sense.

    2. Microsoft technologies are leading the way

    From staples like Excel through to cutting-edge AI services, Microsoft technologies are driving the business growth of this decade. Similarly, Microsoft’s training and certifications reflect the role-specific skills that your staff need at work. Take a look at the role-based Azure certification paths we offer, for example.

    3. Microsoft training creates a growth mindset

    Because of Microsoft’s wide ecosystem of training, a Microsoft learning program gives your staff many avenues for progression. This helps companies instil a “continuous learning” mindset that narrows the ever-evolving digital skills gap. And the more skills your employees learn, the more self-confidence they will have in driving your digital future.

    So these are the reasons why Microsoft learning is likely the most important training you can invest in. But what is the return on that investment? For the answer to that, see below.

    What is the ROI of Microsoft staff training?

    While digital transformation is a necessity, it might not convince your number-crunchers to invest in Microsoft training.

    So here are four proven ways that Microsoft staff training will boost your bottom line.

    1. Certifications are a win-win for employers and staff

    Ninety-three percent of decision makers report that certified employees bring value that exceeds the cost of certification. And employees are always happy to add a Microsoft certification to their CVs.

    2. Microsoft training boosts employee productivity

    Microsoft-certified developers are 93 percent more productive and nearly 60 percent more efficient than their non-certified peers. Certified professionals also meet client requirements more effectively and complete projects more quickly.

    3. Microsoft-certified staff increase your profitability

    Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have a 24 percent higher profit margin than those that spend less on training. They also enjoy a 218 percent higher income per employee.

    4. Offering Microsoft training helps retain employees

    Companies with high-ranking employee training programs have 53 percent lower staff attrition than companies on the low end. And the cost of replacing an employee can be as much as 60 percent of that employee’s salary.

    Why train your staff with Influential?

    With over 20,000 students worldwide, we’re a respected IT training provider. At the same time, Influential is a Microsoft Gold Partner consultancy. This blend of training excellence and technical expertise is what makes our Microsoft training unique. With us, you can get official Microsoft certifications and learn the practical skills from real-life Microsoft consultants.

    Here’s a summary of what makes us “influential” in Microsoft training:

    • all our instructors are Microsoft Certified Trainers
    • we’re a Microsoft Authorised Learning Provider
    • we’re also Microsoft Gold Partner consultants
    • our courses cover Azure, MS365, O365, Power Platform, and more
    • you’ll find all our courses are competitively priced
    • you can study with us in London or in our virtual classroom
    • we’ve trained over 20,000 students worldwide
    • 96 percent of our students are satisfied with our courses

    We tailor our Microsoft courses to you

    Whether you’d like our Unlimited Microsoft Training package or bespoke course content, we’ll provide a tailored training solution for you.

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